Phototainment PDX... 

is Portland's top photo booth and photo entertainment company since 2011. And you can count on us to bring creativity and professionalism to any event - from black tie galas to backyard birthdays, corporate launch parties, weddings, etc... no event is too large or too small.  We offer the latest in visual experiences, including: photo booths, projectors, roaming photographers, green screens, red carpet, flip books, social media touch screens and much more. With our pro quality equipment, out of the box innovations and years of expertise - everyone looks like a star in front of our lens (and has ridiculous amounts of fun!)  


Why Us? Our primary focus is excellent customer service and outstanding images! Additionally we go the extra mile to make each event special and seamless. Whether you have a specific idea for your event, or not quite sure which direction to go...we've got you covered. We love to collaborate and can create a package that meets both your vision and budget. Also, we respect and support all races, ethnicities, genders, orientations and neuro-diversities. We look forward to working with you, and think you'll see the difference!

CORPORATE & NON PROFIT CLIENTS include - The Timbers, Portland Monthly Magazine, Bank of America, PCC, Nike, Intel, Amazon, Range Rover, Boys and Girls Club, Athleta, Ronald McDonald House, PSU, Macy's, I Have A Dream Foundation, OMSI, Microsoft, Maserati, Nordstrom, Susan G. Komen, Sokol Blosser Winery, Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Dove Lewis Animal Hospital, Cascade AIDS Project, Seahawks, Street of Dreams, Fiat...and many more.

Meet the team...


is a photog tomcookphoto.com & owner/operator at Phototainment PDX. Native Portlander & art major.


Sign: Pisces

Dream Shoot: Basquiat's studio

Favorite Food Cart: Grilled Cheese Grill

Can't Live w/o: 17-40 f4L


is a freelance photographer specializing in event and music venues.  

Sign: Aries

Dream Shoot: Macklemore w/ the Dalai Lama

Favorite Food Cart: Los Gorditos

Can't Live w/o: original Rolliflex twin reflex 120 film camera

Elephants - 6-15-19  - Tom Cook Photo-19

is a pro event photog & photo journalist.

Sign: Aries

Dream Shoot: Antarctica at Sunset

Favorite Food Cart: Anything Thai

Can't Live w/o: Mega - megapixels


is our media and tech wiz.  He handles our printing, editing and is a certified photo booth magician.

Sign: Cancer

Dream Shoot: The Beats

Favorite Food Cart: Potato Champion

Can't Live w/o: Strobe

Nikki Website photo-1.jpg

is a freelance photog and photo booth operator extraordinaire.

Sign: Taurus

Dream Shoot: My mom

Favorite Food Cart: Falafel House (lots of hot sauce)   

Can't Live w/o: my Nikon and Polaroid Land camera.

Beauty Trend-004.jpg

is knighted by the Queen as a photo booth champion. He also just passed his LSAT's.

Sign: Libra

Dream Shoot: Obama

Favorite Food Cart: Banh-mi sandwiches

Can't Live w/o: that bomb lighting


is a freelance photographer specializing in portrait and event photography - and also is a killer actor.

Sign: Aries

Dream Shoot: Therese Martin (1873-1897)

Favorite Food Cart: Whole Bowl

Can't Live w/o: Holga 120 fn


is a professional photographer and client relations genius.

Sign: Leo

Dream Shoot: Candy Darling w/ Grace Kelly

Favorite Food: Cart: Kure & Whole Bowl

Can't Live: w/o: VSCO

vintage Lightroom presets 


“You think it and Phototainment can do it! We have used Phototainment for client events, fundraisers and our own employee events. They do an awesome job every time. Their staff is professional and very talented.”

Marianne Moisant
Hotel Monaco

“It has been my distinct pleasure to have Phototainment as partners on many projects. They always brings their A-Game and A+++ Team to any project they are involved in. My Clients are always thrilled with Phototainment’s photo booth and great props, and backdrops (They even make custom for our events!!) And I have never had such a wonderful, kind, gregarious, friendly photo booth team! Truly they are the hit of every event!! Thank you Thomas and thank you Phototainment for making our events not only magical but memorable!!

Sue Cool
Event Planner

“Working with Phototainment is a joy! They provide fun and creative services that leave a lasting impression. The staff is very professional and adapt well to all environments. Can’t wait to book them again!”

“I have worked with Phototainment at the most high-profile corporate events, dozens of weddings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and have never once worried about their performance. They constantly deliver an exceptional product every time I work with them. Their booths and added extras always add that "something special" that my clients seek to set their event apart from the rest!”

Barbara Cohen
BLC Events 

“Phototainment PDX is the best! Their staff are easy going yet professional and they have the best photo booths around town!”

Melony Beaird
Senior Events Planner OMSI

“Phototainment always brings the fun to the fundraiser. Their photobooths are a great way to capture the fun of the evening and to have photos to send in thank you notes to donors. We love having their support on any event site and our guests love them too.”

Samantha Swaim
Swaim Strategies
Ana Cerda